We sell, purchase and procure visual art (painting, printmaking, sculpture) in the first line of classic modern with a special focus on Austria and the first modern École de Paris. Our purchases are guided less by big names than by the quality of the artworks. With this in mind, we also offer consultation on starting a collection and the use of discounts.


Our Staff:

Joanna Janas

(born in 1972 in Poznan / Poland) has been involved in the art world since her youth. She studied and graduated in art history in Vienna. After having worked as a designer for a long time, the opening of the gallery is a return to her heart’s desire. Her special interest is the École de Paris, the paintings of artists from Central and Eastern Europe in Paris in the 1920s and 30s.


Andreas Wurzer

(born in 1966 in Vienna) is making a career change to the art world. He has spent a long time working in the field of international environmental protection. A three-year stay in Paris roused his now-burning interest in art, especially in classical modern art. With the opening of the gallery in 2013, a dream has been realised for Andreas Wurzer, who has been working as a part-time art dealer for eight years.